Web analytics as a source for your online strategy

Sir Miles Consultancy is a true expert when it comes to web analytics. We specialize in gathering information from web analytics platforms and translate this information towards general marketing and communication strategies. We translate organization goals and KPI’s to online goals. Measuring KPI performance through your online channels is a process that requires understanding of both marketing and communication strategy and web metrics. How can we set up your analytics tools to obtain the necessary management information for analyzing this performance?

Piwik specialist

We are able to work with most of the current web analytics platforms. But we seriously love to work with Piwik. Sir Miles is leading when it comes to hands-on knowledge of the Piwik platform. Since 2015 Sir Miles has teamed up with the Piwik Pro organization to facilitate on-premises Piwik Pro integrations and Cloud solutions. Piwik Pro takes care of the technical side of the integration. Sir Miles facilitates training, education and consultancy.

Website performance, marketing or both?

Sir Miles helps organizations make goals measurable. Are you representing a government entity and are you interested in customer experience and customer satisfaction when it comes to online channels? Are you interested in your general website performance? Maybe you represent a sales-driven corporation that is interested in e-marketing optimization. Sir Miles Consultancy has the expertise and experience to help you out with these subjects.

Choose for a maximum ROI and let us share our knowledge

Why would you choose to partner up with us? Here are our key features:

  • Expertise and quality: Sir Miles Consultancy is one of the best online strategy specialists
  • Sharing instead of shielding: We love to share our knowledge and expertise with your organization.
  • Collaboration with Piwik Pro: By joining together the technical expertise of Piwik Pro and the MarCom knowledge of Sir Miles we create a unique integration model when it comes to Piwik Pro.

We’d love meet you and tell you more about subjects like web analytics and online strategy.