About Sir Miles Consultancy

In its ten year existence, Sir Miles has specialized in three main services: Piwik integrations, (MarCom) consultancy services and IT project management. Our company values reflect our eagerness to share our knowledge and insights with others:

Sir Miles Consultancy shares and embeds knowledge and insights into your organization. The right knowledge at the right time, in the right place.

We strongly believe in sharing knowledge. Only by sharing knowledge an organization can truly grow to its full potential. Embedding knowledge into your organization is crucial for the intellectual growth of your organizations’ employees. Sir Miles prouds itself by being a part of this succes. Almost every client Sir Miles has worked for has trusted us with more recurring projects and consultancy work. Also Sir Miles receives highly positive public reviews from our clients which can be read here.

Who does Sir Miles Consultancy work for

Sir Miles works for mid-size and large corporate entities, governments and non-profit organizations. Our professionals have a broad experience working with companies and organizations like Nuon/Vattenfal, Rabobank, The Dutch National Police force, SURF, Dutch offices of land registry (Kadaster), Toyota Material Handling etc.

We’d like to meet you

We’d love to know more about you and your organization and tell you more about our services. Every Sir Miles professional has his or her own area of expertise. Based on your needs we will make sure that you’re talking to someone with the right knowledge. Even at the first meeting we want to share our insights through someone who understands the challenges you might have. Also, our professionals are practical in their work. We don’t produce paper and overhead when it’s not beneficial to the project. This way of working gives your organization the added value you would expect from a consultancy agency.