Meet the most experienced Piwik consultant in the E.U.

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Sir Miles Consultancy has been working with Piwik since 2013. Until recently, we mostly worked with the community version of When Piwik Pro was launched, we started working with this more advanced package. In the last six years we have gained a lot of hands-on experience. We supported and advised small and large organizations with a wide variety of implementation and integration challenges. Our team frequently writes blogs about Piwik and internet privacy related subjects. Most of the time we work closely together with the Piwik Pro organization. Piwik Pro makes sure your infrastructure, middleware and software has been properly configured and Sir Miles takes care of the functional integration within your organization.

What does Piwik Pro have to offer?

Piwik Pro offers a lot of advanced features. There are numerous possibilities to connect Piwik to all kinds of helper and e-commerce metric platforms like Google AdWords, Optimizely etc. Sir Miles consults on which Piwik integration suits your organization. The technical implementation will be taken care of by the Piwik Pro team. After the implementation our specialists go to work. We can train your coworkers in the practical use of Piwik, creating dashboards and get a better understanding of web metrics altogether. Furthermore, we can provide a complete dashboard setup, create data segments and reports tailored to your online strategy and company goals. These are essential for getting the information about your organizations’ online performance.

What can Sir Miles do for you?

Sir Miles Consultancy can provide you with the following:

  • Transition from Google analytics to Piwik: Many organizations need to make this transition. Sir Miles takes care of the entire transition from Google Analytics to Piwik. Together with your (MarCom) management team we determine the strategy that is needed for a fluid transition. An important part of this transition is training the responsible web managers as well as the marketing and communications professionals within your organization.
  • Training and education: Piwik isn’t hard to comprehend. A basic knowledge about web metrics/analytics, and how to interpret the given information, is a necessity. Training and educating your marketing and communication professionals expands the overall knowledge of the package and makes sure that all relevant information is interpreted the right way.
  • Integration in your marketing and communication strategy: Many organizations are not maximizing there ROI when it comes to the power of web analytics. Understanding what this wealth of information can do for your organization is critical. It’s important that your marketing and communication professionals know how to interpret this data. Sir Miles offers custom masterclasses, specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. Together we determine where we can improve the knowledge of the company. With this information we will develop a training program for your professionals.

We’d love to discuss Piwik with you. Together we can make sure a future transition will be succesful!