Consultancy with provable added value

Consulting services from Sir Miles always display added value. We make sure that we offer practical and high-quality advise on our fields of expertise. More importantly, we make sure that our consulting knowledge is embedded within your organization. We achieve this by actively participating with your professionals. We can also assist in training and educating coworkers in key positions. This way, the transfer of expertise can be done by your own people from a single source. Sir Miles is proud to have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients on our transparant and practical way of consulting. All our clients are coming back to us on a regular basis to further enhance their organization when it comes to online marketing strategy, Piwik expertise or consultancy.

Our consultancy services

Sir Miles offers the following consultancy expertise:

  • Online projects, like complex web solutions, intranet integrations or the embedding of CRM platforms. We can prepare or guide your own project managers for these kind of large and complex projects.
  • Piwik consultancy, specialized in training and educating professionals that want to get the most out of Piwik. Our expertise ranges from short training courses to extensive training and consulting on a full online strategy based on information Piwik can gather for you.
  • Online marketing consultancy, specialized in integrating  web analytics information into your online strategy.
  • Temporary replacement, we can replace one of your coworkers in case of absence or be of assistance as a added member of your project management team in case your organization is in need of extra capacity. We often help our clients in selecting a follow-up candidate for temporary assistance.

Choose for transparency and a lasting result

Why choose Sir Miles as your consultancy partner?

  • Transparency and high quality advise. We are not afraid to discuss “bad news” when it’s just that.
  • High quality expertise against favorable rates
  • Sharing knowledge in stead of shielding knowledge

We’d love to get to know you and your organization. Let’s meet!